As pastors we understand the current conditions of the culture in our society and local church.  Our desire is to help others live a life of freedom that only comes from the Truth of Gods Word.  Because of the mandate God has given us, we want to work with others like yourself, who are driven with the same passion to see leaders raised, lives restored and the lost reached.

We know how powerful that time is when people gather for one purpose.  Thus, our Sunday Events are the definitive moment where God's people come together to express their gratitude in worship.

More importantly, PHC has some of the most beautiful and loving people. They care about young people, adults and their families and they love people who are hurting and in need of a friend.  PHC people are the kind of individuals you will want to know.

Lastly, we know that teaching and preaching should be interesting and done with integrity, because God's word is essential to healthy spiritual living.  Prayerfully consider becoming a part of a large vision and choose PHC as your home church.

Pastors Paul and Cindy Ceccato